Safe the ocean!
Oceanaut Otters is a unique collection of 5555 programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens – created to give users full access to our NFTBuilder Tool!
The Oceanaut Otters family cannot get enough of the sea. In fact they love it so much, they want to explore all of its unknown corners. So they founded a group of talented mechanics, scientists and other experts and set up a research station on an ice flow in the middle of the ocean.
This team is looking for the unexplored, for adventures, for the one and only perfect stone. Some of them even believe the rumours about Otterlantis, a secret city that according to the legend has sunk many, many years ago.

But in all the fun they have also become more and more concerned with the amount of waste that they encounter in their underwaterworld.

Will you help them clean up the Ocean?
We noticed that tools for NFTs are the future and are currently in high demand, which means that you as an Oceanaut Otters holder get instant value because you get Lifetime-Access to the NFTBuilder tool, and every future tool, as long as you hold your NFT!
✅ Completed
Launching Oceanaut Otters Website

🕐 February 2022
Launching NFTBuilder

We will release it free to all creators, but Oceanaut Otter NFT holders will unlock premium features and have priority access to future tools!

  • · iPad App (First NFT creator App)
  • · Browser Web App (No Download or Login required)
  • · No Code required
  • · Build in Rarity Tool/Ranking
  • · Live Preview up to 10.000 NFTs
  • · Social Media/Opensea Preview
  • · Edit Trait Rarity & Pairing Options
  • · Download all images in high resolution (unlimited pixel) with one click
  • · Ethereum, Solana, Binance, and Cardano metadata
  • · No Image upload to our server - works with offline images
  • · Upload whole asset structure with one click
  • · Unlimited trait layers
  • · Finetune single traits per image
  • · Automatic saving

  • Website coming soon! Join the Discord!

    Here is quick look at what you can expect:
    🕐 February 2022
    Oceanaut Otters NFT Launch

    When you buy a Oceanaut Otter you get lifetime access to the NFTBuilder tool and every future tool as long as you hold your NFT!

    + Whitelist for the next Project of the team!

  • TeamSeas Donation (10% of all sales (and 1% royalties) will be donated to #TeamSeas.)

  • 25% Merch
  • We will open our own merch shop with selected, fairly produced pieces (European standards) and some ocean plastic recycled products for everyone. Remember: 10% of all shop income will also go to #TeamSeas.

  • 50% Metaverse Wearable
  • We are creating a unique Otter specific 3D wearable for Decentraland and airdrop this to every NFT owner to represent our project in the metaverse.

  • 75% Community Wallet
  • 30 ETH in the Community Wallet for giveaways and floor sweeps. You decide!
    🚀 And we have many more ideas for you in the future, one of them is:


    After a hard day of work at the "Ocenaut Otters Research Facility", the otters meet up, sit at the fire place and play a board game with their lovely stones.

    Development start of the new Play-to-Earn PC and mobile game, inspired by classical chess and modern card games. Check out the trailer and more information at /stone-brawls
    More infos here
    To explore the depths of the seas and help cleaning up the oceans, the Oceanaut Otters require different types of equipment.
    Release Date
    February 2022 (specific date TBA)
    Total token supply
    Tokens reserved for team
    55 (giveaways & marketing)
    Price per token
    0.055 ETH
    10% of all sales and 1% of royalties will directly go to #TeamSeas
    Royalty fees
    File hosting
    Trait attributes
    Minimum number of traits
    Commercial usage rights are fully given to the NFT owners
    Smart Contract
    Our otter team is a small group of family and friends: Tim, Vivien, Nick and Mira. Tim and Nick are brothers, Vivien and Tim are lovers and Mira is an old university friend of Vivien. The two were roomies for a few wild years in their twenties, but then Tim came along and life happened. And now, here we are: trying to make the NFT world love our otters as much as we do. Read more

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    Art & Design
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